Bible Reading Plan

We invite you to join us in reading through the entire Bible together.  We're not trying to complete it in a limited time frame like a month or a year; but rather, we want to create a habit (or discipline) of getting to know God's heart through what He's told us about Himself. 

This year, we are doing something a little different.  Instead of just reading through a chapter or two a day, we want to slow down and help Scripture remain with us, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us from it, more clearly throughout the day and week.  We will continue reading through the Psalms on the weekends; but during the week, we encourage you to not only read the passage, but write it down as well.  The act of writing will help you think about each word, and will help you remember the verses longer.  Questions and cross-references will be available in the weekly bulletin, which can be downloaded from the Streaming page.

When reading, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does it say about God?
  • What does it say to/about me?
  • What can I learn from this reading?

April 11-17

  • Sunday: Proverbs 14:1-9
  • Monday: Matthew 9:9-13  What do you make of the accusation against Jesus in vs 11? What was Jesus’ reason to be with them? How many ‘unbelievers’ do you know and share a meal with?
  • Tuesday: Matthew 9:14-17  What is Jesus’ intention of discouraging putting ‘new’ skin/cover over ‘old’? Does it sound like ‘putting lipstick on a pig’? Have you gotten rid of ‘old’ stuff before putting Christ on?
  • Wednesday: Matthew 9:18-34  What do you learn about Jesus, the outcome of the miracle, and the purpose of these events? Is there any significance in how Jesus is addressed by the blind men in vs 27 (refer to the sermon from Sunday)
  • Thursday: Matthew 9:35-38  What 2 distinctive things did Jesus do in vs 35 as part of his “ministry”? What was his motivation? Ans: vs 36. What does Jesus prescribe we do for a world of need? Ans: vs 38. Now the questions are (a) do you have compassion, (b) do you pray on this topic of other people’s needs?
  • Friday: Matthew 10:1-15  In the calling of the disciples, vs 1, what was part of their calling and commissioning? Note in Jesus’ instructions in vs 5f, what do you see as interesting details?
  • Saturday: Matthew 10:16-25  What was Jesus telling his disciples to do when attacked or accused? Was this advice only for the Disciples of the 1st Cent.?

April 18-24

  • Sunday: Proverbs 14:10-19
  • Monday: Matthew 10:26-33  Who is the “them” in vs 20a? (see vs 16f). Who are we called to “fear” in this section (vs 28b)? And then Jesus says “Fear not”! (vs 31). What’s the principle here in dealing with fear?
  • Tuesday: Matthew 10:34-39  What is Jesus teaching in terms of loyalty and love? If you love Jesus more than anything or anyone, what could that result in?
  • Wednesday: Matthew 10:40-42  What is the teaching here about us treating other people and their responses?
  • Thursday: Matthew 11:1-19  What were the similarities and differences between John and Jesus? In vs 2, John who is in prison, sends word to Jesus it seems John has a doubt. Is that a sign of spiritual weakness? What do learn from Jesus’ response (in light of John’s doubt)?
  • Friday: Matthew 11:20-24  How interesting that these cities where Jesus did many mighty miracles didn’t translate to people putting faith in Jesus! What does that say of the place / value of miracles ... about people?
  • Saturday: Matthew 11:25-30  Study this closely and slowly! Great passage on profound biblical themes of Election, Salvation, the work of the Father, Jesus, etc. After you have understand the passage, close your Bible and then reflect on how this played out in your life!

April 25 - May 1

  • Sunday: Proverbs 14:20-25