IMPORTANT: 13 March 2020, The NVBC Deacon Board has taken the decision that we err on the side of caution. So until further notice (i.e. all Sunday Worship Services and any of our Ministry gatherings), we will not be congregating at 2895 Bristol Road either for Worship or for any of our group gatherings (Ex. AWANA, etc.). The reason for practicing 'social distancing' is because even though you may be a low risk either in contracting the virus or its symptoms, you are capable of passing the virus to someone else. It is also recommended that everyone avoid going to the property. Let's limit that need or its frequency. This is an opportunity for us to encourage and be a blessing - because there are people who are in fear, people in need of assistance, and some who may need financial assistance. The Christian community can be a witness during this social upheaval!