Bible Reading Plan

We invite you to join us in reading through the entire Bible together.  We're not trying to complete it in a limited time frame like a month or a year; but rather, we want to create a habit (or discipline) of getting to know God's heart through what He's told us about Himself. 

This year, we are doing something a little different.  Instead of just reading through a chapter or two a day, we want to slow down and help Scripture remain with us, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us from it, more clearly throughout the day and week.  During each week, we encourage you to not only read the passage, but write it down as well.  The act of writing will help you think about each word, and will help you remember the verses longer.  Questions and cross-references will be available in the weekly bulletin, which can be downloaded from the Streaming page.

When reading, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does it say about God?
  • What does it say to/about me?
  • What can I learn from this reading?

May 21-27

  • Sunday: Psalm 26
  • Monday: Matthew 14:13-21  Why do you think that Jesus withdrew (vs 13) and wanted to be by himself? For a different reason (vs 23) he repeats the withdrawal again. What is it that we can learn and practice?
  • Tuesday: Matthew 14:22-36  In this incident, whether Peter walking on water or the wind ceasing, the end result was a response of worship and declaration are the Son of God. When we are astounded by Gods goodness or act, how often do we respond in spontaneous and impulsive worship?
  • Wednesday: Matthew 15:1-9  The Pharisees were constantly critical and trying to find fault with Jesus. Do we lean towards criticisms, finding fault, negativity, etc. ... all in the name of guarding truth?
  • Thursday: Matthew 15:10-20  What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart ... defiles (vs 18). The heart is the seat of one thinks, feel, etc. and that leads to words, behavior, etc. How is your heart?
  • Friday: Matthew 15:21-31  Consider the Canaanite womens humility, despair, pleading, words, etc. She moved Jesus to have compassion. What does this teach us about our own prayer life? What do we learn about Gods heart and response?
  • Saturday: Matthew 15:32-39  Jesus compassion (vs 32) was unsolicited. God sees, hears, and knows ... even before He is appealed to.

May 28 - June 3

  • Sunday: Psalm 27
  • Monday: Matthew 16:1-12  Jesus warns his disciples of the leaven of the contemporary religious leaders. How good are you in discerning between what is right:wrong about Christian doctrine? Incorrect teaching often happens from within the  Church.
  • Tuesday: Matthew 16:13-20  flesh and blood has not revealed this to you (vs 17). Outside of people conversations, how often do you encounter Gods revelation either through the Scriptures or the Spirit? These are more than just feelings ...
  • Wednesday: Matthew 16:21-23  Consider Peters caring and protective responsive (vs 22) and Jesus rebuke! What was the origin of Peters words? Do you realize that you could be an instrument of Satan?
  • Thursday: Matthew 16:24-28  Read this over and over again ... multiple times. Then break it up and read one verse, pause, think, pray ... then, doing it in larger sections. Why? This is the call of Jesus! There is a cross to carry, there is a laying down of your life, and a picking up of a Jesus life. Do you see that in your life?
  • Friday: Matthew 17:1-13  Just like in Jesus baptism, a significant affirmation both to Jesus and the disciples, by the Father (vs 5)
  • Saturday: Matthew 17:14-21  vs 17 Jesus response is one of annoyance! Who and why was he annoyed? In todays Christianity, we are reminded of how God loves us, we are special, etc which are all true; but, do you sense ... ever experience Jesus reprimand, annoyance or displeasure? If its always warm and fuzzy, be careful!

June 4-10

  • Sunday: Psalm 28
  • Monday: Matthew 17:22-27
  • Tuesday: Matthew 18:1-6
  • Wednesday: Matthew 18:7-9
  • Thursday: Matthew 18:10-14
  • Friday: Matthew 18:15-20
  • Saturday: Matthew 18:21-35

June 11-17